Review : What did Tashi Do by Anangsha Alammyan

Book : What did Tashi Do

Author : Anangsha Alammyan

Pages : 79

Genre : Crime

Format : Kindle Edition

Synopsis : A Beautiful Woman. An Anonymous Stranger. A Spine-chilling Nightmare That Blurs The Thin Line Between Online Bullying And A Full-blown Real-life Ordeal.

Tashi Chotten is constantly blackmailed by an anonymous person over the Internet threatening to post her intimate pictures over the Internet. But who is he? How did he get access to her private pictures? This story is about her fight against this cyber criminal.

My Review : This is a novella about Tashi who is the victim of Cyber crime. The author explains how she handles the situation – yes, she panics, like everyone would do if they found out that someone has access to their intimate pictures and blackmail them with them. But what happens next, is a must read.
The author has done really a very commendable job, I really want to clap. The language is simple. The book is short, can be finished in one sitting. She has brought out a very serious issue taking place in today’s world through her novella. Every woman must read this novella, because anyone can be the victim of Cyber bullying.
Cheers to the author.

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