Review : Wake up, girl! by Niharika Jindal

Book : Wake up, girl!

Author : Niharika Jindal

Pages : 195

Publisher : Bloomsbury India

Genre : Fiction

Synopsis : Naina is back from America, after four years of living on her own. A natural rebel, she has had some fairly life-altering experiences which Mum and Dad would not approve of at all if they get to know. But will her spirit and her stand be enough to fight the forces of parental pressure and heckling aunties baying for her nuptials?

Back in the bosom of her conservative family, Naina cannot even begin to imagine the turn her life is going to take. It’s wedding season, and she must now be married. Because every self-respecting upper-middle-class family in India do that, right? Marriage at the ‘right age’ to the ‘right family’…whether she likes it or not.

Naina’s worst nightmares are about to come true. What hits her within a week of being at home completely changes her world and her life as she embarks on a journey that will define her and provide her an education that only life can.

Ayaan, Rohan, Akshay, Shiven. Who will it be? Will she even have a shot at romance, being with someone she loves, irrespective of his caste, respectability or bank balance? She will have to summon all the chutzpah within to fight for herself. For her notions of love and living.

Will she succeed? Like a chrysalis unfolding, will Naina, too, emerge with her wings unscathed?

My Review : Wake up, girl! is a short, light weight, fun, quirky read. Naina is a highly introverted daughter of a rich father, who study in Boston. She doesn’t love anything she’s doing currently, and has done everything on her family’s wish. She falls for Ayaan, but has to break up with him because of her parents according to whom he’s not well settled, rich like them.

As soon as she reach India, her relatives start arranging her marriage despite of her refusal. Its a custom in India, to find an eligible groom for a girl before she runs out of age. Her parents want a boy who has a heavy bank balance, and can be compared to them. They force her to meet two boys, whom Naina had to meet in spite of her refusal. She even gets engaged to one of them with a heavy heart.

Then the story has a change. The title matches the story, how it says that Naina should wake up for her, stand for herself instead of following others.

I enjoyed reading it. I laughed throughout the book because of the humor it contained. It raises a good social issue of forcing the daughters to marry and settle instead of standing on their own feet. It also focuses on the issue of homosexuality, and I think the author did a good job.

You can pick this up if you want to have a good enjoyable time reading.

Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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